Development of “World’s First” Connector Utilizing Subminiature Contacts, Electroformed Based on Electroplating Method

August 11, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

OMRON Corporation has announced the development of world’s first connectors using subminiature contacts electroformed through electroplating process. The use of electroforming technology has contributed to flexible shape of terminals, as well as to their miniaturization, which can not be achieved through conventional press processing. In developing the new contacts Omron has upgraded its microfabrication technology as well as electroformed materials technology, which resulted in mass production of these connectors. Read more

Development of a Novel Process Technology for Manufacturing Capacitors for High-Speed LSIs by Fujitsu

February 8, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of a Novel Process Technology for Manufacturing Capacitors for High-Speed LSIs by Fujitsu 

Fujitsu Laboratories has announced the development of world’s first processing technology that uses copper for internal electrodes in manufacturing capacitors for high-speed LSI chips. The choice of copper in internal electrodes is due to the fact that it lowers the impedance of capacitors itself, where by mounting the capacitors directly beneath the LSI chip, the impedance from the circuits can be also be reduced contributing to increase in efficiency of current flow by factor of 10 in comparison to currently available technology. The new processing technology will pave the way for constructing the next generation of high speed computers capable of operating at much faster speeds to what is currently available in the market. Read more

Development of New Memory Cell Circuit Technology for Spin-Torque-Transfer MRAM by FUJITSU

June 18, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of New Memory Cell Circuit Technology for Spin-Torque-Transfer MRAM by FUJITSU 

The typical microcontroller being used inside today’s mobile phones as wells PDAs normally includes an NOR-type flash memory, but this type of flash memory it’s reaching its physical limits for further miniaturization. However, with an ongoing demand for further miniaturization of mobile devices, manufacturers of such mobile electronic devices are forced to look for alternative in their drive for further miniaturization of non-volatile memory for microcontrollers. Spin-torque-transfer MRAM has been gathering steam as a potential successor to NOR-type flash memory, as spin-torque-transfer MRAM display of capability in dramatically conserving space. Read more

Development of Industry’s First Thin-Film Common Mode Filter featuring High Speed Differential Transmission Common Mode Noise Suppression and ESD Protection in a Single Component

April 27, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 4 Comments 

TDK-EPC has successfully developed the world’s first thin-film common mode filter featuring both high-speed differential transmission common mode noise suppression and ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protection all in a single component. The new filter has a form factor of (1.25 x 1.00 x 0.60 mm3), using the proprietary thin-film circuit formation and materials technologies. Successful addition of ESD suppressor function to the already existing EMI (Electromagnetic interface)function in this newly developed filter has helped to eliminate any needs for additional varistor for ESD suppression, resulting in reduced number of components and mounting area, as well as further miniaturization of mobile devices. Read more

Development of world’s First high Reliability Read Method for use in Spin-Torque-Transfer (STT) MRAM

February 11, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Fujitsu STT MRAMSpin-Torque-Transfer (STT) MRAM is considered as a potential future form of non-volatile memory which can be used as an alternative to flash memory. Searching for an alternative low power non-volatile memory to the currently used NOR flash memory, which is embedded in microcontrollers in mobile phones as well as other electronic devices, is due to the fact that NOR flash memory is reaching the limits of its feasible miniaturization. The new alternative is expected to continue the necessary miniaturization. The practical implementation of STT MRAM faces several technical challenges, one of such challenges is due to the fact that STT MRAM requires memory storage elements that take advantage of the effect in which a current which is passed through a magnetic material such as a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) to revers its direction of magnetization, which has the effect of switching between a low resistance and high resistance, to be used for representing the 1s and 0s of digital information, in order for STT MRAM to be used as a non-volatile memory. However, reading the STT MRAM, in order to discover whether the MTJ offers high resistance to current (“1”) or low resistance (“0”) requires a relatively high amount of voltage to correctly determine whether its resistance is high or low. But current passed at this high voltage leaves very little difference between the read-current and the write-current, resulting in erroneous outcome, since any fluctuation in the electrical characteristics of individual MTJs could cause what was intended as a read-current, to have the effect of a wirte-current, resulting in reversal of the direction of magnetization of the MTJ. Read more

Development of high Precision Temperature Sensing device by MURATA

November 2, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

With miniaturization of electronic equipment and with their increasing mounting density, temperature control is becoming an ever vital issue to tackle. Also use of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as the energy source for electronic equipment such as note-size PCs and electronic tools and HEVs is becoming more common creating a stronger demand for overheat detection of their battery cells. To address this need Murata manufacturing has developed and commercialized “Thermo-String” a tiny high-precision temperature sensing device which uses Chip POSISTOR or a chip NTC thermistor as the detector element. Read more

Super tiny Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor by Murata

October 30, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 3 Comments 

Miniaturization of mobile devices and introduction of new advanced functionality on such devices making the available surface board real-estate on them rather scarce, forcing the component manufacturer to come up with a ever smaller form factors component design. One such device is capacitor for mobile devices which have been increasing faced with reduction on their mounting space requirements. But manufacturer of capacitance need to reduce the size of capacitance while maintaining their large capacitance capability. Read more

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