New Energy Saving 32-bit Microcomputers with Built-in Flash Memory by Panasonic

November 17, 2010 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Panasonic has announced the development of a new 32-bit microcomputers with half the power consumption, ideal for equipments requiring low power consumption in stand-by mode. The new microcomputers facilitate miniaturization and cost reduction of the equipment through reduction of parts required, including EEPROM. In addition to this, the new microcomputers come with an oscillator and it can operate over a wide range of voltage from 2.2V to 5.5V. Read more

Development of New Process for Integrating Low-Power, High-Speed RRAM devices on a 128-kbit Memory Chip

July 6, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Adding new features while lowering the power consumption of IT equipments is in every manufacturer agenda. One of the top candidates in achieving this power reduction is within memory devices, shifting the demand for low-powered high-speed memory devices. This has lead researchers and manufactures to non-volatile devices requiring power for only read and write data and not for retaining data. An ideal candidate is RRAM, a new non-volatile memory type which are being developed by many companies. The technology comes with some similarities to CBRAM as well as phase change memory. So far different type of RRAM has been proposed based on various dielectric materials, from perovskites to transitional metal oxides and chalcogenides. Based on this, group of researchers at AIST (National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology), Sharp Corporation, Institute of Semiconductor &Electronics Technologies of ULVAC and Professor Kazuya Nakayama and Akio Kitagawa of Kanazawa University has successfully, developed a process for integrating low-power, high-speed non-volatile resistance random access memory (RRAM) devices on a 128-kbit memory chip. Read more

TOSHIBA Unveils its New Industry’s Highest Areal Density Hard Disk Drives

March 26, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Toshiba 750GB HDDThis is becoming all case of Déjà vu, as Toshiba yet again beat its own record for highest areal density for Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by announcement of its new 2.5-inch 750GB HDD, industry leading storage capacity in this class. The new HDDs are new addition to company’s existing 5,400 RPM line of 2.5-inch HDDs. The new MK7559GSSXP HDD comes in a form factor of 9.5 millimeter-high, with two-platter design. Read more

Development of New Compact Coupler Complaint with New TransferJet Wireless System by Hitachi Cable

January 22, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Hitachi Cable couplerSony has developed and promoting TransferJet as a short range and high speed wireless transfer technology. The TransferJet system uses a coupler, a transmitting/receiving antenna based on inductive electric wave, instead of an ordinary antenna using the radiated electromagnetic wave, providing advantages of high speeds wireless transfer capability comparable to UWB (Ultra Wide Band) system, along with simplicity of the NFC (Near-Field Communication ) system which has been adopted by Felica, enabling user to transfer data at a rate of up to 560 Mbps by simply bringing two devices with mounted couplers within 3 cm of each other. Read more

Suzuki Exhibits its New Fuel-Cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair

October 30, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Suzuki Exhibits its New Fuel-Cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair 

Suzuki put on display series of energy efficient vehicles during the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. Couple of interesting products that grabbed my attention was the Fuel-cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair. The newly developed scooter, the Burgman Fuel-cell Scooter is based on Crosscage concept motorcycle where the fuel cell generates electricity through reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. The Burgman scooter comes with a structurally simple, compact and light design and it is air cooled. The new scooter is equipped with a 70MPa hydrogen tank, the highest pressure tank which has been used thus far on a bike allowing a usable riding range. The tank is placed within a robust frame for safety reason. The fuel cell itself was developed by British company Intelligent Energy which is a polymer-electrolyte type fuel-cell. The scooter uses a lithium-ion as its secondary battery. Read more

Super tiny Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor by Murata

October 30, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 3 Comments 

Miniaturization of mobile devices and introduction of new advanced functionality on such devices making the available surface board real-estate on them rather scarce, forcing the component manufacturer to come up with a ever smaller form factors component design. One such device is capacitor for mobile devices which have been increasing faced with reduction on their mounting space requirements. But manufacturer of capacitance need to reduce the size of capacitance while maintaining their large capacitance capability. Read more

Development of New Robot Controller by Epson

October 28, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Seiko Epson made an announcement on development of new robot controller to be used for Epson industrial robots. This is an upgrade to company’s existing model RC180 controller with capability of driving almost all Epson industrial robot automation systems including robots and peripheral equipments as well as multiple manipulators making RC620 to act as a work cell controller resulting in a greater flexibility in building a various range of system. The company is planning to ship the newly robot controller by end of October of 2009. Read more

Joint development of New Electronic Paper Display Controller by Epson and E Ink

October 12, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Joint development of New Electronic Paper Display Controller by Epson and E Ink 

Seiko Epson and E Ink Corporation unveiled the jointly developed EDP Controller IC. The newly developed S1D13522 will provide a high performance as well as space saving solution for E Ink’s Vizplex-enabled electronic paper displays. The Epson and E Ink energy saving screen technology which can be found in most major electronic reader devices has been instrumental in rapid growth of the eReader market helping with expansion of mobile applications such as eBook, eNewspapers, tablet PCs, laptop secondary displays, eNotebooks and eDirctionaries. Read more

Development of New compact Core Network System for LTE Wireless Network by NEC

October 9, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

For what has been anticipated to be the next generation of wireless technology LTE is certainly gaining momentum both in terms of popularity among the service providers as well as Telecomm network equipment manufacturers around the globe. Offering a higher transmission bandwidth of around 100mbps in comparison to current wireless technology such as WiMax and such and ease of deployment through upgrading the existing wireless infrastructure is proven to be the only viable alternative for service providers in terms of ROI. In light of this network equipment manufacturers are gearing up their product development roadmap to accommodate the service provider’s ambitious time table of LTE deployment. Read more

Release of New UHF-band RFID Tags by Fujitsu

October 8, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

This follows Fujitsu’s earlier announcement on development of heat-sealable UHF-Band RFID tags for Garment Management back in April. I am assuming this is an upgraded version of the previously announced product. Anyhow, the newly announced flexible UHF-band RFID tags by Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech have a high heat resistance characteristics making it the world’s first. It can withstand temperature of 121 degrees Celsius which is necessary during the uniform sterilization process. The new tag is intended to be used in the uniforms of employees at manufacturing plants such as medical supplies and semiconductors with stringent sterilization requirements. Read more

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