The way to increase demands for next generation optical discs

March 12, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on The way to increase demands for next generation optical discs 

Like any other products in our digital age in order to insure their market acceptability and increase their consumer demands their price tags must be lowered as one of the major attributes. Next generation optical discs like Blu-ray are no exception in this assumption. Demand for Blu-ray and other next generation optical discs started to grow since 2007 in reaching 20 million units in sale by 2008. The growth will exceed 60 million units in 2009 and an estimated 250 million by 2011 according to research report by Panasonic. As of 2008 Japan accounted for 80% of global sale for next generation optical discs such as Blu-ray with overseas demand is expected to reach about the same level sometimes by 2011 according to the same research studies. Read more

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