Release of Back Flip Lock Type FPC Connector by SMK

February 1, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

SMK has developed a back flip lock type FPC, using a 0.5mm pitch, right angle, ZIF structure and a back flip system for opening and closing the cover. The development of the new FPC connector was in response to overcome the difficulty of securing adequate tensile strength in the vertical direction of FPC, a requirement in improving freedom of design and ensuring contact reliability in AV and automotive equipment. The new BF-51 FPC connector resolve this issue by using a structure that directly relieves the load from the cover with its back flip lock. The new FPC has an upper and lower point of contact ensuring secured contact reliability as well as greater wiring freedom within the FPC devices. Read more

Release of New Models of GaAs Power Amplifier for Cellular Networks by Mitsubishi Electric

December 20, 2010 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Release of New Models of GaAs Power Amplifier for Cellular Networks by Mitsubishi Electric 

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of 5 new models of gallium arsenic (GaAs) power amplifier for use in PC data communication terminals for WCDMA cellular networks. The new power amplifiers feature industry leading efficiency of 45%, covering five major frequency bands. The maximum output power of 670mW would help to reduce energy consumption and limit the heat emission in data communication terminals. The new power amplifier comes with built-in coupler for monitoring the output power and attenuator responsible for switching the power gain. Read more

TOSHIBA Unveils Industry’s First Dual Touch Screen Mini Notebook PC

June 21, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

Toshiba celebrated its 25 anniversary of its potable PC business with a release of mini-notebook PC “liberto W100” a world’s first dual-touch-screen. The new dual 7.0-inch wide LCDs offer a display that is equivalent to a 10.0-inch wide screen. The libretto W100 comes in a clamshell case that opens like a book or a notebook PC, offering industry’s first Windows based dual touch-sensitive screens. When it is used as a PC it displays a haptic keyboard on the lower screen, and when it is held vertically, it turns into an e-book reader displaying a double page spread. This new compact PC weighs only 699 grams. Read more

Roll out of Japanese WiMAX Notebook PCs

June 8, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Roll out of Japanese WiMAX Notebook PCs 

With shipment of mini notebook/ Netbook to increase in Pacific region in 2009 which has been growing since 2008 due mainly to falling price of mobile broadband services and increase coverage of third generation mobile technology, introduction of WiMAX services a viable wireless technology couldn’t have come at a better time. It all started with announcement of WiMAX wireless data services by UQ Communication today which states collaboration between UQ Communications Inc. and Intel in promoting and expanding “UQ WiMAX,” the commercially available WiMAX service from UQ Communications in Japan scheduled to be released on July 1st 2009. The new service with a flat fee structure will cost the user 4,480 yen per month. UQ Communication shareholders are KDDI CORPORATION, Intel Capital Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, KYOCERA Corporation, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Read more

Release of new network USB hubs by Corega

April 22, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Release of new network USB hubs by Corega 

Corega Corporation just made an announcement on release of two new models of network hubs “CG-NUH01” and “CG-NUH04” capable of sharing various devices on a network. By using the “CG-NUH01” it is possible to connect to maximum of four USB devices on a LAN. The “CG-NUH04” is a network USB hub capable of share on a LAN a maximum four USB devices. Read more

Password protected Electronic Whiteboard by Panasonic

December 26, 2008 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Password protected Electronic Whiteboard by Panasonic 

Well everything else is password protected nowadays why not the whiteboards. Here is yet another item for hackers to get busy. This new whiteboard developed by Panasonic is password protected preventing data to be printed or stored in USB flash memory. In addition to this the whiteboard will display an alert if user forget to wipe the data after the data has been read. Read more

Digital Photo frame by Buffalo

November 28, 2008 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Digital Photo frame by Buffalo 

Buffalo launched a new Digital Photo frame PF-50WG which comes in black or white color. It is equipped with Wireless LAN technology WiFi b/g plus is DLNA compatible. PF-50WG features an 8 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 dots and has a clear processing surface on its screen resulting in a vivid and clear picture. Read more

Contact less IC card reader/writer for PC by SONY

November 27, 2008 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Contact less IC card reader/writer for PC by SONY 

Sony this month unveiled its FeliCa based external USB IC card reader/writer “PaSoRi RC-S330” for PC. “PaSoRi RC-S330” is equipped with short distance wireless communication standard” Near Field Communication (NFC)” function that uses the frequency range of 13.56MHz make it possible to be used for public authentication. Read more

Japan quest for alternative natural resources

November 19, 2008 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · 1 Comment 

To liberate themselves from dependence on the materials that may run out or at least become expensive Japanese companies are looking for alternatives. 31 metals are being used in Japan’s industries today they are thought of as vitamins of manufacturing as the amount is used in products may be small but essential, even a bit of such metals enhances the performance of principal raw materials adding strength or heat resistance. They are found in PCs, light bulb and many other products. For instance a mobile phone contains 10 rare metals almost none of these resources are found in Japan itself, that makes the prospect of any interruption of overseas suppliers an unhappy contingency to plan for. Read more

Panasonic ToughBook tablet PC for medical use

November 11, 2008 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Panasonic ToughBook tablet PC for medical use 

Panasonic Corporation unveiled its new version of PC tablet for medical use, based on company’s ToughBook technology know how. This PC is made to be chemical resistance which is a demanding feature from the hospital and medical facilities staffs. The PC beside its chemical resistance feature is also resistance to water and dust and shock. It comes with an easy to carry design. Read more

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