Transformation of Ordinary Magnet into a Super Magnet by Japanese Researchers

March 23, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Transformation of Ordinary Magnet into a Super Magnet by Japanese Researchers 

Group of Japanese researchers at Japan Science and Technology Agency have transformed the ordinary fridge magnet into a very rare magnet featuring a high degree of durability. The researchers by simply substituting a few of iron atoms of the ordinary magnet with elements of scandium and magnesium, producing a new magnet that is multiferroic, that is its magnetization and electric polarization are linked, where each can be potentially controlled by means of electrical and magnetic fields. What is interesting about multiferroic material is that they allow magnetic data storage in absence of magnetic fields, resulting in reduced cost, power requirement and bulk. Read more

Development of Novel Technology in Reducing Speckle Noise in Projectors and Displays using Laser Light Source by DNP

December 9, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of Novel Technology in Reducing Speckle Noise in Projectors and Displays using Laser Light Source by DNP 

In spite of LED’s advantages over high pressure mercury lamp as a light source for displays, projectors as well as illumination, offering a longer life cycle and reduced power consumption, not to mention the possibility of downsizing the optical components, the laser light source are prone to generate speckle noise which appears as a fine mottled splashing causing scintillation. To overcome this issue, DNP has developed a new technology which is based on multi-recording and light-forming functions of holograms with an aim to reduce speckle noise that is the cause of scintillation. DNP has used volume hologram functions capable of reproducing the same image in the same position no matter which point on the hologram the light beam is projected upon. Read more

Development of new technology in reducing wire bundles into a single cable by AIST

May 5, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

The most time consuming step in production process for industrial machinery is in wiring components due to increasing number of sensors, actuators and motor-drivers that are used in such machinery where the number of signal cables in connecting them sometimes surpass a thousand. In order to overcome this issue serial bus technologies such as CAN have been long used in automobile industries but several apparent issues in this technology has prevented it in use in other fields such as industrial robots or semiconductor manufacturing equipment. One of such issues is the lack of robustness to noise where switching actuators ON/OFF will generate noise in cables resulting in communication failures. Another reason is contributed due to communication delays that occur frequently which impede real time operation. Based on this need AIST has developed a low cost, Noise-proof, wire-saving technology in reducing wire bundles to s single cable for use in industrial robots and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. ASIT through this development has achieved the three major demands from the industrial machine industry which are namely cost, robustness to noise and real-time communication capability.   Read more

Wind Turbine with a style

September 30, 2008 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Green Tech · Comments Off on Wind Turbine with a style 

Most of us by now are familiar with usage of wind turbine that utilizes wind power to generate electricity and most of them look the same where you have the propeller that moves with the force of wind and in turn creates electricity or it save this generated electricity to a connected grid for later use. Read more

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