JAPAN Prepare itself for Full-Scale Launch of LTE Commercial Service

June 14, 2010 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on JAPAN Prepare itself for Full-Scale Launch of LTE Commercial Service 

NTT DOCOMO’s announcement on start of verification of its new commercial mobile network system on June 8 in Tokyo District is a prelude in start of full-scale launch of extra-high-speed LTE commercial service which company is planning to start sometimes on December of this year. The LTE service success rest solely on smooth handover from its existing W-CDMA to LTE service. DOCOMO will install the new LTE base-station components on existing W-CDMA 3G base stations which are equipped with dual W-CDMA/LTE remote radio equipment. Read more

Development of Muli-band Power Amplifier for Mobile Phone by DOCOMO

January 14, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

DOCOMO multi-band power amplifierNTT DOCOMO made an announcement on development of a multi-band power amplifier prototype capable of amplifying 8 different frequency bands ranging from 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Use of power amplifier in mobile phone is to increase signal power to a level that is required for given wireless communication protocol. Accommodating multi-band capability inevitability increases the mobile phone’s size for a simple fact of employing a separate single-band amplifier for each band. However, DOCOMO’s newly developed prototype is capable of 8-band operation through use of matching circuits where the frequency characteristics are controlled by multiple semiconductor switches to accommodate the required frequency band. Read more

Development of Compact LTE Base Station by NEC

September 4, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 3 Comments 

For what that has been anticipated to replace HSDPA/HSUPA family of W-CDMA technologies sometimes by 2011, LTE systems development is underway by Telecom equipment manufacturers all over the world. One such company is NEC that made an announcement on development of a compact LTE base station which will go on display at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2009 held in Paris, France from 7-9 September. Read more

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